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17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides

Electric Scooter Accessories

In terms of security, practicality, and effectiveness, electric scooter accessories are a lifesaver. Personally, I’ve seen how they’ve changed the way my rides are.

I can feel safe knowing I’m protected and seen on the road thanks to safety gear like helmets and reflective stickers. Convenience-wise, travel gear like phone mounts and storage bags have made it simple for me to navigate and transport necessities.

In this article, I’ve put together 4 (four) different sections of electric scooter accessories that you absolutely need. To assist you in selecting the ideal items for your requirements, we’ll go through safety, security, performance, and crucial must-haves. Those products will help you choose according to your needs. So what are you waiting for, let me guide you through.

Essential Electric Scooter Accessories for Safety

The primary focus should always be safety when using an electric scooter. We’ll look at a few of the essential safety gear items as electric scooter accessories that every user should take into account in this part.

1. Safety Helmet

When using an electric scooter, a safety helmet is an essential gear to have. It has a robust exterior composed of long-lasting materials like ABS or polycarbonate, and the interior is padded with foam for enhanced comfort.

To encourage airflow and reduce overheating during rides, it could additionally contain ventilation apertures. In addition, some helmets come with LED lights for better visibility and reflective materials for increased safety at night.

Electric Scooter Accessories Helmet


  • Wearing a safety helmet is essential to protecting your head.
  • It reduces the likelihood of serious head injuries by absorbing and dispersing impact force.
  • Your head won’t come into direct touch with solid objects since the helmet functions as a barrier.
  • The possibility of skull fractures, concussions, and other potentially fatal head injuries is greatly reduced by wearing a helmet.
  • It gives you peace of mind so you may ride with assurance and pay attention to enjoying your adventure.
  • The wearing of a helmet is an essential component of riding an electric scooter responsibly and safely.

For More Information: Best Electric Scooter Helmets For Your Rides

2. Heavy-duty Knee & elbow Pads

The protection of your knees & elbow is crucial when riding any kind of two-wheeled vehicle. When accidents or unexpected falls occur, heavy-duty knee & elbow pads are made to offer dependable protection and support.

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides


  • To keep knees & elbows safe during falls or impacts, heavy-duty knee & elbow protectors are necessary.
  • They reduce the chance of severe knee & elbow injuries by absorbing impact.
  • Knee & elbow pads protect against painful scrapes, cuts, and fractures by cushioning and supporting the knee.
  • Riders who wear knee & elbow protectors feel safer and more confident when riding.
  • Knee & elbow guards are useful for both inexperienced and seasoned riders.
  • They are particularly helpful in urban settings where the likelihood of obstructions and uneven ground is increased.

3. Eye Protector

Eye protection is a necessary item for electric scooter users since it protects our eyes from potential risks while we are on the road. Most frequently, it takes the shape of riding-specific goggles or sunglasses.

To provide the greatest level of safety and clarity of vision, these protective eyewear alternatives are made with robust materials, impact-resistant lenses, and a comfortable fit.

Electric Scooter Accessories eye protector

Photo Credit: RK9 Rides


  • The eyes are protected from wind, dust, debris, and harmful UV rays with eye protection.
  • It reduces the chance of eye damage, irritation, and discomfort brought on by the surroundings.
  • Appropriate eye protection increases visibility by cutting down on glare and boosting contrast.
  • Riders may traverse the road and respond to unforeseen events more skillfully with improved visibility.
  • Purchasing high-quality eye protection puts the well-being of your eyes, your safety, and your overall enjoyment of riding an electric scooter first.

4. Reflective Gloves

In order to be safe when using an electric scooter, especially when sharing the road with other users and drivers, visibility is essential. The purpose of reflective gloves is to increase your visibility to other people both during the day and at night.

Electric Scooter Accessories Reflective Gloves

Photo Credit: Speedy Feet UK


  • Gloves with a reflective outer shell improve visibility on the road.
  • Reflective material captures and reflects light, making the rider more visible.
  • Increased visibility minimizes the danger of accidents and increases overall safety.
  • Touch screen compatibility for smartphone or GPS device use.
  • Touch screen compatibility enables navigation and call handling without removing gloves.
  • These gloves offer protection, reactivity, and a connected riding experience.

When selecting electric scooter accessories, opt for durable and waterproof options

Electric Scooter Accessories for Convenience and Security

Moving forward in our exploration of essential electric scooter accessories, let’s shift our focus to accessories that enhance both convenience and security. In this section, we will explore the importance of having the right accessories to protect your electric scooter and make your riding experience more convenient.

5. Locks for Electric Scooters

Lock attachment is one key solution to safeguard your electric scooter. Different types of locks commonly use as electric scooter accessories are U-Lock (or D-Lock), Disc Brake Lock, and Cable Locks or Chain Locks.

For some enhanced lock features you can get your electric scooter monitored in real-time with the lock’s GPS capabilities which gives you peace of mind in case it gets stolen or becomes lost.

Additionally, the motion sensors can also detect any unwelcome activity and inform you and anybody else around, successfully scaring off would-be robbers.

For More Information: Guide for Best Electric Scooter Locks

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides

Photo credit: Get A Scooter


  • An integrated lock is crucial for electric scooters to avoid theft.
  • It provides security and preserves priceless investment.
  • GPS tracking and an alarm system improve security.
  • The lock’s user-friendly design makes installing and securing it simple.
  • Convenient locking and unlocking that happens quickly.
  • You may leave the scooter alone with confidence thanks to the included lock.

6. Bell

A bell that may be adjusted to accommodate different handlebar diameters. This add-on not only enhances your scooter’s overall appearance but also increases safety by making other riders and pedestrians aware of your presence.

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides

Photo Credit: EcoDrift-Life


  • In crowded metropolitan situations, a sleek, cutting-edge bell is crucial for communication and safety.
  • A loud, audible sound warns passing people of your presence and helps avoid collisions.
  • A preventative safety precaution for sharing bike lanes and managing busy sidewalks.
  • A stylish design that works with different handlebar diameters.
  • A versatile add-on that works with your electric scooter without any issues.

7. Compact Headlight

When it comes to riding an electric scooter, visibility is paramount, especially during nighttime rides or in low-light conditions. The compact headlight is a must-have accessory that enhances your visibility, allowing you to ride with confidence and safety.

This compact headlight is engineered to fit seamlessly onto your electric scooter, providing a powerful beam of light that illuminates your path ahead.

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides


  • A small headlight is essential for sight and safety while riding at night or in poorly lit places.
  • Produces a narrow beam of light to illuminate the path in front of you.
  • Increases safety by making other drivers and riders aware of your presence.
  • Increasing visibility ensures a safer riding experience.
  • The field of vision is not obstructed by the simple installation or small size.
  • Gives off just the proper amount of light without bothering oncoming cars.

For More Information: Best Guide for Electric Scooter Lights

8. Durable and Waterproof Backpack

It’s crucial to have a dependable backpack to carry your needs when going on electric scooter trips. The robust and water-resistant backpack is made to survive inclement weather and keep your possessions secure and dry throughout your journeys.

This backpack is made from sturdy materials that will hold up to regular usage and outdoor adventures. Your possessions are kept safe by there waterproof structure even in the event of severe rain or unintentional splashes.


  • Plenty of room for storing necessities like a phone, wallet, keys, extra clothing, and snacks.
  • Sturdy design stands up to heavy use and an active lifestyle.
  • The waterproof function guards against water damage when riding in the rain.
  • Offers peace of mind by keeping everything dry and safe.
  • No matter the weather ensures the security and protection of possessions.

Performance-enhancing Electric Scooter Accessories

Let’s examine an item that not only improves your visibility but also enriches your riding experience as we explore the world of performance-enhancing electric scooter accessories: the adaptable lighting system.

9. Tire Sealant

The tire sealant is a game-changer when it comes to preserving the durability and performance of your electric scooter tires. With this cutting-edge product, you may bike with less chance of flats and punctures because of its excellent puncture protection.

A potent sealant made especially to provide great puncture protection for the tires of electric scooters. This sealant is designed to provide a layer of protection inside the tire, plugging holes and stopping air leakage.

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides

Photo Credit: eScootNews


  • When riding an electric scooter, tire sealant is crucial for avoiding punctures and flats.
  • Prevents the occurrence of debris and sharp items on the road.
  • Adds a second line of defense to lessen the possibility of punctures.
  • Effectively plugs minor punctures or holes by filling them.
  • Keeps tires at their ideal pressure for a consistent and dependable riding experience.
  • Prevents the trouble of handling unexpected flats or urgent repairs.

Always carry a multi-tool with you which will help you with scooter repairs, adjustments, and modifications on the go.

10. Heated Handlebar Grip Inserts (Polar Plug)

Riding an electric scooter outside in the cold might be difficult. However, you can get over the inconvenience of the chilly weather and have a pleasant ride thanks to the heated handlebar grip inserts.

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides

Photo Credit: Backers Today


  • In cold weather, heated handlebar grip inserts are essential for comfort and dexterity.
  • Maintain flexibility and keep your hands warm for a secure and pleasant ride.
  • Improve the electric scooter’s control and handling to increase road safety.
  • Improved grip and mobility for easy travel over obstacles and through traffic.
  • Assure prompt response to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Heated handlebar grip inserts are necessary for a comfortable and secure ride.

11. Compact Tire Inflator

You should always have a small tire inflator on hand to quickly and efficiently fill the tires of your scooter while you’re on the road. This little gadget is made to easily fit into the backpack or storage space on your scooter, ensuring that you always have access to it.

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides

Photo Credit: ActionKid Extra


  • A portable tire inflator is necessary to maintain the recommended tire pressure.
  • Having the right tire pressure enhances the handling, traction, battery life, and performance of scooters.
  • For optimum scooter efficiency, quick and simple inflation to the specified pressure is required.
  • The braking distance, stability, and maneuverability are all improved with the right tire pressure, which increases safety.
  • Use the portable tire inflator to regularly check and adjust tire pressure.
  • Makes for a secure and safe ride on the highway.

12. Versatile Lighting System

Visibility is very important while using an electric scooter, especially at night. The adaptable lighting system, powered by a lithium-ion battery, is a necessary item that improves your riding experience overall and assures your safety.

You can see and be seen on the road thanks to the lighting system’s emphasis on visibility. You may change the strength and pattern of the lights in accordance with various riding circumstances since they are equipped with several lighting settings.


  • A flexible lighting setup improves visibility and lowers the possibility of accidents.
  • Different lighting modes may adjust to a range of situations and settings.
  • Provides a way for you to customize your electric scooter.
  • Individual style and flare are made possible with programmable lighting settings and effects.
  • Options range from bold and eye-catching to refined and subdued.
  • The adaptable lighting setup makes riding more enjoyable.

Important Electric Scooter Accessories

As we continue exploring electric scooter accessories that elevate your experience, let’s delve into a vital accessory that ensures your visibility and safety on the road: the compact headlight.

13. Phone Holder

A dependable phone holder is one gear I can’t live without as a fan of electric scooters. This clever device safely fastens to the handlebars, offering a place for my phone that is both accessible and convenient.

17 Best Electric Scooter Accessories for Unforgettable Rides

Photo Credit: Berm Peak Express


  • A phone holder safely fastens to the handlebars of my electric scooter and offers a handy location for the phone.
  • The 360-degree rotation feature makes it simple to watch in both portrait and landscape settings, frees up my hands, and improves riding security.
  • Ensure easy use of Bluetooth features of electric scooter accessories.
  • Makes it simple to access caller ID, directions, and navigation applications.
  • By giving rapid access to real-time updates and music control, it increases convenience.
  • Makes it possible to communicate quickly in case of crises or unforeseen circumstances.

14. Side Lights for Handlebars

A key piece of equipment that not only improves your visibility but also allows you to express your intentions to other cars on the road are side lights made particularly for handlebars.

These lights are placed on the handlebars in a strategic manner to make you visible from all directions and more obvious to drivers and pedestrians.


  • Handlebar side lights are essential for improving visibility and lowering accident risks.
  • Increase visibility in locations with lots of traffic and poor light.
  • Use visual signals to let other drivers know you’re there.
  • Make it possible for effective transmission of intentions, such as turning or changing lanes.
  • Communicating intended moves improves both your and others’ safety.
  • Encourage cooperation among drivers to prevent miscommunications or crashes.

15. Scooter Storage Bag

Having a safe, convenient place to store your little necessities is crucial while using an electric scooter. A water-resistant bag with an adjustable hook clasp that guarantees your possessions are safe and secure during your journeys is exactly what the Scooter Storage Bag offers.

A waterproof bag with a hook clasp that may be adjusted to hold tiny necessities. This item is appropriate for a variety of weather situations since it not only keeps your possessions tidy but also shields them from water damage.

Electric Scooter Bags


  • The Scooter Storage Bag provides easy storage for necessities.
  • Securely fastens to the scooter for access and peace of mind.
  • Numerous pockets and compartments for storage and quick item retrieval.
  • Designed for a smooth riding experience with practicality in mind.
  • An adjustable hook fastening guarantees a secure fit and eliminates unnecessary movement or distractions.

For More Information: Guide for Best Electric Scooter Bags You Need to Choose

16. Multi-Tool

The multi-tool is a small, flexible item that gives you numerous uses for one tool, ensuring that your scooter runs without a hitch. This all-in-one tool is a practical and effective way to solve most scooter problems and perform the required modifications.

Electric Scooter Accessories Multi tool

Photo Credit: Pedal Forward


  • Facilitates simple job handling without the need for several tools.
  • Perfect for fixing small issues like adjusting handlebars and tightening screws.
  • A flexible tool that may be used for many different scooter repair tasks.
  • It is portable and small, making repairs on the move simple.
  • Easily fits into a storage compartment on an electric scooter or bag.
  • Makes it possible for small technical issues to be resolved quickly for a comfortable ride.

17. Water-Resistant Storage Bag

A dependable storage option that keeps your possessions secure and dry is crucial while you’re traveling on your electric scooter. The water-resistant storage bag was made with special water resistance and moisture protection in mind.

An item that combines protection and utility is a resistant storage bag. Since this bag is made of water-repellent fabrics, your personal belongings will be protected even in wet weather.


  • A water-resistant storage bag is necessary for keeping valuables safe when riding an electric scooter.
  • A variety of weather conditions, such as rain and splashes, might endanger objects.
  • Assures your possessions are protected from moisture, preserving their usefulness and structural integrity.
  • Offers a safe and dry storage option for necessities like keys, wallets, and smartphones.
  • Reliable protection is provided by a sturdy design and waterproof elements.
  • allows riders to concentrate on the enjoyment of riding without having to worry about the safety of their gear.

Final Words

The best way to improve your riding experience is to spend money on high-quality electric scooter accessories.

Wear a helmet with brake detection and LED lights to increase your safety. Put on sturdy knee protectors for additional defense. Gloves that reflect light improve convenience and visibility. Consider the usefulness of an LED display-integrated bag or a waterproof backpack for storage, and secure your scooter with an integrated lock. Improve performance with heated handlebar grip inserts, a portable tire inflator, and a flexible lighting system. A small headlamp, multi-tool, side lights for the handlebars, tire sealant, a water-resistant storage bag, and a stylish bell are important extras to remember.

Enhance your vehicle with these electric scooter accessories designed specifically for you.

Frequently Ask Questions

How can I make my electric scooter more powerful?

Here are some important points on making your electric scooter more powerful:
1. Upgrade the battery.
2. Increase motor power.
3. Optimize the controller.
4. Improve aerodynamics.
5. Reduce weight.
6. Maintain proper tire pressure.
7. Perform regular maintenance.

What makes an electric scooter go slower?

Here are short points on what can make an electric scooter go slower:
1. Low battery charge.
2. Battery degradation.
3. Motor issues.
4. Challenging terrain.
5. Exceeding weight capacity.
6. Worn-out or underinflated tires.
7. Speed limit settings.

How fast is too fast for an electric scooter?

The maximum safe speed for an electric scooter depends on local regulations and individual circumstances. In general, high-performance models can exceed 30 mph (48 km/h) or more which can consider a good speed for an electric scooter.

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